Kolor Jet Chemical Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Kolor Jet Chemical Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
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Kolor Jet Chemical Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
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Synthetic Food ColourKolor Jet Chemical Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

» Blended Food Colour

Our manufactured blended food colors are a unique mixture of two or more water soluble food coloring agents, that are combined in various ways to produce different varieties of shades. Since the availability of natural colors in the market is low, a wide range of colors are artificially made using distinct chemicals. Our blended food colors serve purposes in various industries including; processed food industry, dairy industry & more.

Egg Yellow
Yolk Yellow
Orange Red

Strawberry Red

Rose Pink

Raspberry Red



Coffee Brown

Chocolate Brown

Dark Chocolate

Lime Green

Apple Green

Pea Green

Black Currant

» Lake Food Colour

Our lake colors are water insoluble in nature and are apt for coloring products that contains fat and oil & various other products which lack sufficient moisture to dissolve dyes. These lake food colors are manufactured through combining dyes and insoluble materials. These colors are extensively used in cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, bakery products, dairy products & more.

Lake Quinoline Yellow
Lake Tartrazine
Lake Sunset Yellow FCF

Lake Erythrosine
Lake Erythrosine

Lake Ponceau 4R

Lake Allura Red

Lake Carmoisine

Lake Amaranth

Lake Chocolate Brown HT

Lake Brilliant Blue FCF

Lake Indigo Carmine

:: Our Product Range ::
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